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When selling a house, you want it to look as beautiful as possible. Photographing a property takes time: like people, houses and interiors often have a “best side”, or a time of day when they are most attractive.

A good property photographer takes the time to inspect every angle, to wait for the light to be perfect – to make each house look it’s absolute best. Richard Hookway does exactly that.

Richard’s photographs are internationally acclaimed.  His perfectionism shines through in all his work, leading top estate agents, architects, property developers and interior designers from all over the region to partner with him. They like his professionalism, his communication skills, and the way his service reflect on them.  His photographs have raised their profiles, enhanced their brands and – most importantly – improved their sales.

Their clients are happy too.  When it comes to selling a house, it helps that Richard can produce EPCs and RICS-compliant floor plans, all from the same site visit: vendors really appreciate not having a stream of people traipsing through their houses, as well as the fact that their properties can be listed within 48 hours of his visit.

But what most delights everyone is that, whether his photographs are promoting a property sale or unveiling an interior in a magazine article, Richard makes properties look great.